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GeoInfo can provide Aerial Photography for your project in any location in Northland capturing the latest imagery to your specification.


Aerial photographs are used for a variety of purposes due to their unique advantages over other types of imagery. Here are some of the main reasons why aerial photographs are used:

  1. High resolution: Aerial photographs can be taken at very high resolutions, allowing for detailed analysis of small features on the ground.

  2. Large area coverage: Aerial photographs can cover a large area in a single image, making them useful for mapping and monitoring large areas of land.

  3. Perspective: Aerial photographs provide a unique perspective on the landscape, allowing for the identification of features that might not be visible from ground level.

  4. Timeliness: Aerial photographs can be taken quickly and efficiently, allowing for rapid response to emergencies or changes on the ground.

  5. Flexibility: Aerial photography can be taken from a variety of angles and altitudes, making it possible to tailor the imagery to specific needs.

Overall, aerial photographs provide a highly detailed and flexible way to capture images of the Earth's surface, making them useful for a wide range of applications including mapping, resource management, environmental monitoring, and disaster response planning.

Aerial Photography Services include:​

  • GPS controlled vertical aerial photography

  • Oblique aerial photography 

  • Processing and printing of aerial photographs and mosaics

  • GPS ground control 

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